Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cake Decorating

For a while now, I have been interested in learning how to decorate cakes. It is such a useful skill for birthdays and other special occasions. I looked online a couple of months ago to see if any classes were offered in the area. There was one class offered about 45 minutes away and it was $40. I was willing to pay the money, because I wanted to learn so desperately, and emailed some ladies in my church to find out who else might be interested. One of the ladies at church, Lisa, called me and told me she had an even better idea. She knew a lady who had been doing cake decorating for years and wanted to teach other people because of arthritis in her hands. The best past? We would only have to pay $10 and we could do it locally!

Last Saturday, a group of 4 of us gathered at Lisa's house to learn some basics. A couple of the other ladies already knew the tricks to icing a cake and using tips for decorating. I definitely was the novice, but I had plenty of people to help me! It was such a fun experience and I walked away wanting to know more. The supplies aren't cheap, but I'm going to start slow and build my collection. Josh's birthday is next month and I hope to bake and decorate a cake for him. One of the ladies at the class gave me her pound cake recipe last week and it is so yummy! I almost baked a boxed cake to take to the class because that pound cake was delicious without any icing.

Here are some pictures of the cake and everyone enjoying it!


Chris said...

Josh (you're obviously reading Dianna's blog instead of updating your own), as the husband of a wife who enjoys experimenting with various recipes/etc...EMBRACE THIS!!!!

It's awesome you're learning how to decorate cakes. I don't know about the decorating pound cakes though. Those things are so good without anything on them.

Ashley said...

Isn't it fun?! I love decorating cakes. Just wish it didn't hurt my back so bad! Not sure I could do it while pregnant! Good job!!