Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun With Poppy!

Thomas has preferred Josh's dad over anyone else (including us) since he was tiny. There was something about Poppy that made him giggle at 4 months old when we didn't even know he could laugh yet! And Thomas' love for Poppy has only grown. As soon as he sees him, he just lights up and gets all excited.

Poor Grandma feels left out when Poppy is around. I think Grandma likes to come see Thomas when Poppy doesn't come, because she gets Thomas' undivided attention. However, don't feel too sorry for Grandma; she has always been the favored grandparent by the oldest grandchild. Josh thinks it is good that Poppy gets all of Thomas' attention, because Poppy has always been the one left out.

Now that Thomas is mimicking everything we do, you can imagine how much he mimics everything that Poppy does! Josh took some great pictures the other night of Thomas and his favorite person. What sweet memories!

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Tonya said...

Awwww...we love Poppy, too! When Jonah was little and not speaking very clearly yet, he always wanted to go to "Aunt Bibby and Uncle Poppy's" house. He still remembers the Hess trucks and a firetruck that Poppy always let him play with.