Monday, March 23, 2009

Dating in the 21st Century?

On Friday, Josh and I went to dinner and then to the mall. We decided it would do us good to walk after our meal at Olive Garden and we could window shop. One of the first places we stopped was the Discount Christian Bookstore. Those aren't my favorite places to visit because the books tend to be "fluffy" and certainly not geared toward theology (or at least good theology). While we didn't buy anything, we did learn about the new trend in dating.

There was a teenage guy (probably 19) working and he was checking out a girl about the same age. They were chit-chatting about where she was from, where she worked, etc. Then the conversation went like this:

Guy: So, are you on Facebook?

Girl: (laughing) Yea, what about you?

Guy: Yeah. What's your name?

Girl: Gives her name.

Guy: Is it okay if I look you up on Facebook? My name is ____.

Girl: Sure, if you want to.

Guy: Great, I'll look you up soon.

I was trying not to laugh out loud! People have said that Facebook should be Nosybook (or maybe Hook-Up-Book) and I completely agree now. Instead of asking the girl if she would like to have coffee on his break or after he got off, he wants her name so he can look her up on Facebook?! I guess I'm just completely out of the loop. Thankfully, Josh and I started dating three years ago when you still got to know someone by spending time with them!

So, I have a question for all my single readers: Has this ever happened to you? And would you tell a complete stranger your name so they could look you up on Facebook?


Ashley said...

I'm not single (obviously) but if I were I would NOT do this!! I call Facebook the nosy network, evnen though I DO have an account. It's just another modern convenience that gives us a way to know about people without having to really know them!

Because Ben's path and mine didn't cross when we were getting to know each other we did email, but we also used the phone AND (get this) face-to-face dates!! I think that makes you more vulnerable and people don't like to be vulnerable.

Matt said...

A complete stranger, probably not. Someone I met through another friend, possibly, if I received a good vibe.
You can get to know a lot about someone through FB, depending on how much info they put on there.
In reality, if you don't want people to know something, don't post about it, comment about it, or upload it.
Would I base my opinion about a girl whether or not I want to date her based on her FB info, absolutely not.