Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend To Remember

This past weekend, Josh and I had the privilege of attending the marriage conference Weekend to Remember. It is a conference hosted by FamilyLife and I first heard of it while at the True Woman conference last year. We have never been away for a weekend since we have been married and this was a great opportunity to not only get away, but to think about our marriage as well. There are WTR conferences all over the country and we were able to go to one very near our home.

The best part of the weekend? Spending the entire weekend with Josh and not having to think about the routine things of life. We stayed in a hotel and I didn't have to cook the whole weekend! I also really enjoyed the application projects at the end of the sessions, because it made us think about certain issues in our marriage and evaluate how we are doing. Josh and I have a healthy marriage and the conference helped us to see areas where we could improve. Since I come from a divorced family and we know friends and church members who have been divorced, we realize that to keep a marriage healthy and strong you have to work on it. Thankfully, Christ is the foundation of our marriage and He continues to sustain us and keep us as we both seek to walk with Him - which is the key ingredient to a great marriage.

This was our first weekend away from Thomas and all three of us did better than I expected! Thomas stayed with my parents and he had the best time...well, my parents probably enjoyed him more than he enjoyed them! I don't think he really missed us while we were apart, but he realized he missed us when we got home, because he has wanted to be especially close last night and today and we eagerly give lots of hugs and kisses! Now my dad is anxious for us to go on another trip, but it will be a long while before I'm ready to leave my boy again. I'm already dreading being away from him while I'm in the hospital with Josiah.

If any of you who read my blog have never been to a Weekend To Remember, we would highly recommend it. After attending the conference, Josh and I have decided we want to attend a marriage conference every year if possible. Having a young family and Josh's responsibilities as a pastor can make life very busy and we realized how wonderful and refreshing it was to get away. We were reminded again this weekend that our spouse is the most precious gift the Lord has given us (apart from salvation) and we want to make each other a priority.

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