Thursday, April 30, 2009

34 Weeks

It is hard to believe but I'm less than 6 weeks from my due date. Well, it is not so hard to believe when you see my stomach! To be honest, I have been reluctant to post pictures because I look so huge. Josh comforts me by telling me the camera adds a few pounds - he is very sweet!

Overall, I'm feeling great. Usually the mornings are my time to be busy and the evenings I try to relax and not do too much. Josh has told me to take it easier, and I'm trying, but the house doesn't miraculously clean itself and the laundry doesn't wait either. I am reminding myself that it is okay that everything isn't like normal and the Lord gives me the energy I need to complete the most important tasks.

Most of all, I'm trying to spend as much one-on-one time with Thomas as possible. A new baby will be an adjustment for him and especially sharing my time. We took a trip to the zoo last week (pictures coming soon) and had a great time. It is harder to travel or even go to the store with a newborn, so I'm enjoying these last few weeks of running my errands and walking outside with my sweet little boy.

Josh and I will be parents of another precious baby boy in just about a month and we are so excited! I'll be even more excited to hold him in my arms instead of my belly. Here are some recent fun pictures of the family, including me looking and feeling very pregnant!


Mary-Kate / MaRiKa997 / MK said...

You're not huge at all! You look so cute!!

Ashley said...

You're all belly, girl. You look great! Do try and get your rest and don't fret over a less than normal house. That's just how it is during this time period.