Monday, July 21, 2008

11 Months

Today our sweet Thomas is 11 months old. It doesn't seem possible that his birthday is only one month away. I can begin to see that he is becoming more like a toddler and less of a baby. Here are some of his most recent accomplishments or milestones:

  • He is now eating table food! When I noticed he was starting to chew his Puffs, I started giving him our food and he did great. The only downside? He won't eat baby food anymore, and that was always convenient, especially when if I was in a hurry.

  • He is finally able to sit himself up. This happened about 2 weeks ago. I went into his room one morning and he was sitting up in his bed playing with a stuffed animal. The peditrician said he would get it and thankfully, he figured it out!

  • He is very close to walking. He has stood on his own quite a few times now and even taken a few steps between people. He still isn't ready to let go completely; he wants to know my hand is there to hold onto. (Although he let go of a table when we were in Louisville and tried to follow me and fell on his face! I had no idea he would try that.)

  • He is talking a lot more. He can say "daddy" and "kitty." He even tries to say "thank you," which comes out as "tou you."

  • He loves to sing and dance. Josh taught him how to sing "ha-ha, ha-ha" and anytime we sing a song to him, he begins swaying!

Thomas is a joy to us and I love watching him grow and discover new things. He is such a sweet and even tempered baby. Even though it is a little sad that he will soon not be a baby, I'm so thankful that he is healthy and growing. Below is a picture of my sweet baby last week waking up from nap time.

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Ashley said...

Yay! Go Thomas! He's going to take off! And yes, make you gasp a few times at what he'll try to do!