Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Furniture

Josh & I have been wanting new living room furniture for a long time. We were thankful for the furniture my mom had given us, but it just wasn't our style. The slip covers were a temporary fix and after four years were beginning to get holes. We have been saving for quite a while and in May, we finally began shopping for furniture. Those of you who have shopped for furniture know what a headache it can be. We visited multiple furniture stores, sat on countless pieces of furniture, and examined numerous fabrics. Finally, on May 31, and after 3 hours in Lay-z-boy, we bought new furniture. Because we picked out new fabric for everything, we had to wait about 8 weeks to receive it. Thankfully, it arrived on Tuesday. Here it is:

Couch, overstuffed chair, recliner, & lamp (shade is coming tomorrow)
We need curtains - that is next.
Yes, we need something different for the tv too - that is later too!

Two lamps are new too.
We also inherited a dining room table and china cabinet from Josh's paternal grandmother. Josh's parents were so generous to us and had it refinished since it is about 60 years old. We got this about a month ago.

We are missing a chair - the 6th one broke years ago and someone threw it away. If you happen to see a chair like this (style Duncan Phyfe) please let me know. I've searched the Internet, including Craig's List, and still haven't found anything similar. We eventually would like to have 8 chairs, but for right now one more would do.
Our prayer is use this furniture for the glory of God. We want our home to be hospitable and to share the love of Christ with all who walk through our doors. You're welcome to stop by for dinner or just to talk!


Jessica Little said...

Your living room looks fantastic! Wow! Such a difference. I bet you're so glad to have it. I can't wait to see it. I called you earlier but couldn't leave a message. We have friends here that are looking for a children/family pastorship role somewhere. I told them about your church but wasn't sure of details for them to move forward, if at all. Any suggestions?

Ashley said...

That looks great, Dianna! I don't know what it looked like before but that looks very pretty. I'm still waiting on furniture! Our couches are covered but the stuffing is starting to come out! Do you think it's time to buy some more? I wasn't sure :-)

Summer O. said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new furniture!!!! It is so beautiful!!!

What a blessing :-)


Elizabeth said...

The furniture looks beautiful! I love how the colors and patterns blend together and the arrangement is great for entertaining. I can't wait to come visit again. We'll have to throw a party! Isn't it amazing where life has brought you? Now you're married with a baby and brand new furniture.

Elizabeth :)