Friday, July 11, 2008

Mini Vacation

This week our family has been in Louisville, KY. Josh had to take a class this week at the seminary. Thomas and I have visited with friends and taken lots of walks. Southern Seminary is such a beautiful place, and they are working to make everything look wonderful because the SBC annual convention is in Louisville next year to mark the seminary's 150th anniversary. While Thomas and I have been relaxing, Josh has been busy with his class.

Thankfully, he finishes today at lunch and before we head back to SC, we are going to Gatlinburg! We have rented a cabin, with a mountain view, tonight and tomorrow. Josh & I are ready to relax and just do nothing for a couple of days. We decided to rent a cabin because it was about the same price as a hotel room and we have a lot more space. Our cabin has a big porch with rocking chairs and a hot tub! We even have a flat-screen tv in the cabin! I'm sure we are not going to want to come home on Sunday. I'll post pictures next week.

Just a quick update on Calvin: He had his surgery on Monday morning and is now recovering at Josh's parents. He has a recovery time of 8 to 12 weeks - poor kitty. Thanks again to Josh's parents who so graciously took him to Greenville for the surgery, and now are giving him 3 medications a day! I've got to think of something really sweet to do for them!

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Ashley said...

I hope you guys have a good time. We love the mountains. We went to the Highlands for our honeymoon and to Gatlinburg for our anniversary! Relax and enjoy!