Monday, April 27, 2009

Big Boy Bed!

Thomas moved to his toddler bed earlier this month. We were prepared for crying for his crib or staying awake longer, but neither has occurred. He loves his new bed! We began with a nap and were expecting to put him back in the crib for nighttime sleep until he adjusted, but it wasn't necessary.

One of the things we did was put up two bed rails on either side so that he didn't fall out. I had seen that method on a friend's blog and not only did it keep her child from falling, it also helped to keep her child from getting out of the bed. If Thomas were a climber he would have already figured out how to get out of the bed, but thankfully he is very content in the bed. Well, he is very content as long as he has about 5 stuffed animals in the bed with him!

I'm so thankful for such a smooth transition and I know that I shouldn't expect this with every child. Thomas is very easy going and adjusts well to change which is a true blessing. Hopefully, the transition of being a sibling in about 6 weeks (maybe less!) will be as easy and pleasant!

*Oh, I will post pictures later, but I have yet to receive the comforter I want for his bed, so I'm using the comforter from his crib set for now.*

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