Friday, April 17, 2009

Triple Coupon Sale!

This morning I went to the triple coupon sale at Bloom's Grocery Store. They have triple coupons once a month and triple coupons to $.99! Usually, the highest coupon I can find is $.75 and tripled that is $2.25. I got to the store around 8:40am this morning and already some things were gone. However, I still had a great shopping experience and even decided to go to another Bloom right down the road and found all but one thing I really wanted.

How did I do?

Before Coupons: $48.25

After Coupons: $15.24

Savings: $33.01 or around 70%

Some things I only paid pennies for and other things I got for free or free with overage. Bloom's will give you the overage if the item is on sale - what a great deal! Below is a picture of all of my groceries - and yes, everything I use and need.

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