Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Preparing & Planning

Right now I'm trying to mentally prepare and plan for Josiah's birth. I can't believe my due date is only 10 weeks away. I reminded Josh the other evening that we only had 10 weeks left and he just looked at me and said, "Are we ready for another baby?" Well, it is a little too late to reconsider!

One of the things I'm doing to prepare is trying to drink more water. I rarely ever drink a whole class of water or tea at dinner and so it is difficult to try to drink 64 ounces a day, but I'm trying. This should have been a habit since the beginning of the pregnancy, but now I'm starting to think about what my body needs when Josiah arrives. I know that I need more water to help my milk supply and since I want to breastfeed, I'm trying to start the habit now. Thomas and I really struggled with breastfeeding and ended up switching to formula. Hopefully, I am better prepared and have more realistic expectations this time around.

Next month, we are planning on buying a new pack-n-play/bassinet. The one we used with Thomas was cheap and within a month the bassinet was sinking! Some good friends of ours have the Chicco brand and they have been very pleased with it. Plus, Josh's parents have the pack-n-play now for Thomas to sleep in when he spends the night with them. It is comfortable for him as long as there is a blanket to pad the cardboard - oh, I mean mattress.

I still need to get out all of Thomas' baby clothes, but we have to move Thomas into his new room before I have the closet and dresser space I need. Hopefully his toddler bedding will be here soon and we will transition him into his big boy bed!

My body is preparing for Josiah's birth as he is growing and I am more uncomfortable. As of last night, I'm also up several times a night going to the bathroom. Thus far I have had only had to get up once a night and I was hoping that would last a few more weeks - maybe last night was a fluke - but it seems my uninterrupted sleep is gone for the next few months! Speaking of sleep, I think I'll take a nap!


Chris said...

It sure isn't cheap, but that thing is very sturdy.

Stephen and Laura Timmons said...

Hey! Somehow I didn't have you on my blog role, so I'm glad you sent me a message so I have your info.
Jackson outgrew the bassinet and needed the crib so we had to make the switch.
We did put a bed rail on the toddler bed, but not because we were afraid she would fall out and get hurt. We put it up because 2 weeks into the transition we were still playing the get-up-out-of-bed-100-times game and it was driving me nuts. Bedtime routine went from taking 10 minutes to 2 hours and I was really struggling with patience. I didn't want to spend all night disciplining her - so we just decided that until she was old enough to use positive reinforcement, we weren't ready to fight that particular battle.
With the bed rail, she just feels more secure, and we put the bumper in there to add to the feeling that it is the same as the crib.
Good luck! Let us know how it works out!